Midge Noble / Second Chances
Author of SHEBA, Home Is Where Your Heart Is and ICE CUBE AWARD, Learning To Be Cool Under Pressure      

Check out this interview/review by Tammy Shelnut for ICE CUBE AWARD. Check out her blog, Blue Rose's Heart below to see the interview and her blog site!


Fostering Perspective's book reviewer Becky Burmester has this to say about SHEBA, Home Is Where Your Heart Is.


"Told in eight chapters, this story is about Sheba, a young dog that survives abuse and neglect and is adopted by a young woman who understands her and accepts her fears and mistrust. The author is a therapist who works with children and families dealing with abuse, neglect, loss, foster care, and adoption.

        My young audience was captivated by Sheba's story and very concerned for her well being. After finishing the story we talked about how Sheba had some of the same kinds of experiences that some of our foster children have had. This is a story that could be used to open a very helpful family dialogue."