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Parental Tips on Raising Compassionate Kids

1.  Be the person you want your kids to become.

2.  Help your kids find bravery within themselves by bossing back night time fears.

3.  Sleeping with parents validates the fear, NOT the feeling.  Help kids boss fear back!

4.  Teach your kids that life is not fair, but happiness is a choice.
5.  Pawns are for chess.  Avoid putting your kids in the middle during the Holidays.
6.  Teach your kids the difference between wants and needs.
7.  Your eyes are the window to your child's self worth. Choose loving eyes, not angry ones.
8.  Show your kids how to see positive & happy things every day.
9.  Give your kids choices early so they realize they are capable.
10. Teach kids to politely leave conversations that are negative.
11.  Children are sponges, emerse them in a positive lifestyle that they will continue as adults.
12.  Teach kids that all life forms are worthy of compassion and respect.
13.  Open your kids' hearts to have empathy for other's needs.
14.  Show your kids how to treat animals by giving your pets quality care.
15.  Show your kids that living their passion is brave and opening their hearts to the arts can be healing.
16. Teach your kids that mistakes are not who they... but they are what they've done. We        
are all created from greatness and have greatness within us, no matter what we've done.
17. Home is not a place but the love between the people who live there.
18. Spending time with your kids gives them a sense of belonging.  When they feel loved and important, they will not be as likely to join other groups for support.
19. Make volunteering and giving to others a family value so your kids realize that others matter, people and animals.
20. Show your kids how to handle a crisis and not allow that crisis to stop them from living as survivors.
21. Teach your kids that there is a purpose for them, to believe in themselves, and reach for their goals to be who they were created to be.  
22. Teach your kids that animals should be respected because they hold a deep place in our hearts.  
23. Show your kids they can start over & meet challenges w/ a positive attitude.
24. Teach your kids that second chances are a gift and it is okay to reinvent yourself and follow their passion.
25.  Embrace your family, even if you disagree, love should never falter.
26.  Model compassion within your own family, cherish your kids, not just in words but in the quality and loving time you spend with them.!
27.  Teach kids there is more than one way!  Embrace the alternative and watch your kids soar!
28. Teach your kids to laugh at themselves & release themselves from perfection.
29. Teach your kids that their body is sacred and it deserves to be taken care of.
30. Teach your kids to use healthy touches with themselves and others.
31.  Model for your kids how to love and approve of themselves and be who they are created to be.
32.  Model for your kids that love is in your heart which can extend to include family that was not born into your family.
33. Teach your kids to speak up for themselves assertively.
34.  Value time with your kids.  Let them see by your eyes and by your presence that they are loved and worthy of your time.  (Check out Midge's Mumblings for summer time ideas)
35.  A crisis teaches your kids how to move forward if you show them that these events are not personal... they are lessons.
36.  Show your kids how to respect the elderly in the way that you engage your parents and the patience you show toward shoppers, drivers, and neighbors.
37.  A parent works themselves OUT of a job... raise independent kids by allowing them to follow their destiny, think for themselves & be authentic.
38.  Model healthy coping skills for your kids to manage stress.
39.  Teach your kids to expect the best for their lives.
40.  Model for your kids that adopting saves an animal's life.
41. Remind your kids every day that they are capable to make great choices for themselves!
42. Listen to what you think, say, and do in front of your kids....what are you modeling for them?
43. Are you a religious or spiritual guide for your kids?  Allow your kids to find their spiritual path.
44. Model for your kids how to live in faith, not fear.
45. Follow your passions and live an inspired life so you kids will know they can follow their dreams too!
46.  Allow your kids to live life proud and free because that is  who they are created to be
47.  Model for your kids how to live as a survivor after they experience a significant death.
48.  Offer your child unconditional love when they are honest with you about their sexual orientation  http://laylahaven.blogspot.com/
49. Model for your kids how to get involved in something that is bigger than themselves which teaches them that selfless service and kindness matters.
50. Model for your kids that it matters more how you finish, not how you start! Second Chances are always an option! http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances
51. Model for your kids how to live without bullying themselves or others!  http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/4391
52. Honor your loving spirit and teach your kids by example how they can be compassionate & helping others in need; even if it means sharing their things!
53. Show your kids that you are thankful for how unique they are... and that they are worthy!
54.  Teach your kids that different does not mean wrong.
55. Teach your kids that real power comes from believing in yourself; which comes from within!
56.  Teach your kids to be compassionate toward themselves so they will have positive energy to give to others
57.  Model for your kids to support other kids in need!
58.  Model for your kids they can take risks without having to be perfect!  http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/4618
59.  Learn to make lemonade out of the lemons in your life.... your kids will benefit!
60. Model for your kids how to be "inner rebels" http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/4643
61.  Model wellness for your children by choosing healthy foods for your home & family (Check out Pam McDonald's The Perfect Gene Diet on Second Chances http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances  
62. Teach your kids to stay positive and go for their dreams wihtout giving up!  http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/4722
63. Teach your kids to be love in everything they think, say, and do... stop bullying in your home! http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/4754
64.  Teach your kids to be truthful with themselves about who they are created to be.
65.  Model a loving relationship for your kids http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/4821
66.  Show you kids that life is all about starting over & their belief about themselves will help them be successful! http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/4848
67. Model how to live healthy and well which will open up their compassionate hearts
68. Show your kids how to eat healthy snacks and live a healthy life! http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/4905
69.  Model for your kids that they are never too old to start over & live their best life!
70.  Teach your kids the value of the rain so they will then appreciate the sun!
71.  Teach your kids it is okay to think for themselves & ask questions if they don’t understand  http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5008
72. Encourage your kids to follow their inner voice when choosing their path. http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5035
73. Model for you kids that abusing animals is NEVER okay! http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5069
74.  Teach your kids that our animals do have feelings & can communicate w/ us. http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5095
75.  Model for your kids how to rise about emotional pain & not hold onto it for a lifetime. http://midgenoblesecondchances.com
76. Model for your kids how to love & how to grieve & say goodbye... it is the circle of life.
77.  Model for your kids how to support worthy causes! http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5179
78.  Teach your kids how to live their lives with purpose!
79.  Teach your kids that life is full of ups & downs, but it is how they deal with those downs that demonstrates the person the have become.
80.  Teach your kids that lIfe is like a circle, if you are on the bottom, hold on & soon you’ll be on top http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5261
81.  Model for your kids that looks are superficial, their true worth is within!  http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5285
82.  Show your kids how to choose a career they love & will serve others in a compassionate way http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances
83.  Model for your kids how to embrace their spiritual selves! http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5335

84.  Model for your kids how to forgive others, forgive themselves, and open up their soul for the healing to begin. http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5356 

85.  Model for you kids how to be successful, even if you are living with a disability. http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5383

86.  Be compassionate toward your kids as they bring their dreams to you.  Value the insights their dreams are trying to teach them! http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5400

87.  Model for your kids that true compassion involves caring about the hearts of others. http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5424

88.  Model for your kids how to be compassionate toward themselves by healing not only their bodies, but also their thoughts and feelings. http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5440 

89. Your kids do what you do, avoid bullying your kids so they can model your compassion to yourself and others. http://ow.ly/npBeg 

90.  Model for your kids how to live without excuses; no matter what the adversity!


91.  Show your kids how to handle life's lemons in a positive way!  http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5497

92.  Model for your kids how to love themselves, even when life throws you a curve ball! http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5520

93.  Teach your kids to listen to the voice of Spirit & trust their inner path. http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5335

94. Teach your kids that animal have feelings & deserve to be cherished & embraced as any family member! http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5527

95.  Model for your kids how to be compassionate toward animals in the community so they can learn that we are all connected. http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5601

96. Model for your kids how to honor & show respect those serve http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5634

97.  Show your kids how special they are by loving them unconditionally and protecting their hearts. http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5656

98. Teach your kids how to live their truth in their highest and best way! http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5677

99.  Teach your kids that death is a natural occurrence; not to be feared but to remind us that living life in a positive way has to be honored http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5801

100. Model for your kids how to have #pride for our country http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5633

101.  Teach your kids that the choices they make will predict their future. http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5844

102.  Model for your kids how to live as a survivor; even when life knocks you down. http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5867

103. Teach your kids to take power over their lives in highly effective, powerful, and positive way http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5889

104.  Teach your kids what intimacy looks like and what it is so important. http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5917

105. Model forgiveness for your children & watch their lives soar! http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5356

106. Teach your kids the real meaning of Christmas and remind them it feels much better to give than receive. http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5951

107. Teach your kids that finding their purpose and learning to serve others is the ultimate goal. http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5971

108.  Teach your kids that getting in touch with their feelings will open up their lives in amazing ways.  http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/5971

109.  Teach your kids that their dreams really can come true! http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/6015

110. Teach your kids the value of standing behind the decisions they make. http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/6029

111.  Teach your kids that a goodbye is always followed by a hello.  Although sad, their path will always move forward and the next journey will be equally awesome! http://toginet.com/shows/secondchances/articles/6043

112.   Model for your kids that being compassionate toward themselves will help them learn to love others. To read more.. check out my blog!  http://laylahaven.blogspot.com/

113.  Model for your kids how to live in MAGNITUDE! To learn more: check out my blog! http://laylahaven.blogspot.com/

114.  Model for you kids how to be a part of the change that needs to happen in the world.  Check out my blog to be inspired! http://laylahaven.blogspot.com/

115.  Today is Midge's Mumblings: Parental Tips To Raise Compassionate Kids! Model for your kids that EVERY life is a gift to honor. Save the DATE and save lives by joining us for this amazing and important event! 

116.  Model for your kids to be excited about life but be unattached to the outcome so they can live a life filled with joy in the moment.

117.  Teach your kids that the journey isn't the destination... it is the lessons, the love and the joy you find along the way

118.  Teach your kids to believe in their dreams, even when other says, "That isn't possible" or "You can't do that." ANYTHING is possible!

119.  Teach your kids that abundance is more than money!

120.  Model for your kids how to power down and enjoy time with others and time in silence.


121. Teach your kids that being stuck.... may just be the greatest lesson of all because they will learn how to overcome adversity, have faith in spite of what their reality says,  believe in the power of positive intentions while allowing the universe to bring their dream to them.  

122.  Midge's Mumblings: Parental Tips to Raise Compassionate Kids... Teach your kids to live in alignment by following their hearts and not their ego.  That is where their true inspiration comes from and they will be unstoppable! 


123. Midge's Mumblings: Parental Tips To Raise Compassionate Kids:  Teach your kids the power of now.  Model for them how to be ever present because if we teach them that people are important and time with them is a gift, they will reach for connections instead of stuff.

124.  Model for you kids how to stay in a state of security... understanding that they can create harmonious relationships, safety, and security in their lives; avoiding a state of anxiety and hypervigilence. 

125.  Teach your kids that being themselves without striving for perfection... is enough.

 126.   Model for your kids how to radiate their light into the world... by remembering that we are all created by one pure light, that light is within us...and our true path is to express that light into the world through compassion, love, and selfless service!

127.  Teach your kids to respect you by being a person they can respect.  Respect is not an expectation... it is a gift returned to you by how you treat others as well as how you treat yourself.

128.  Midge's Mumblings:  Parental Tips to raise compassionate kids:   We are all a part of this human race and it is up to each of us to decide what role we will play.  Your children will play the role you play... please consider making it a role that will uplift mankind and make this world a more peaceful place.

129. Today is Midge's Mumblings:  Parental Tips to Raise Compassionate Kids.   MOMENTUM MONDAY....  Model for your kids how to  rest and renew & affirm that they  deserve to take some quiet time. Then you can show them how to  hit the road running with GREAT enthusiasm and inspiration!  Teach them they have purpose and they will be amazing at whatever they choose to do!

130.  Show your kids loving eyes when they try something and it doesn't work out.  Some people may call these mistakes, but they are learning experiences.  If your children see that they can come to you in these moments without being shamed or shunned, they will come to you when it counts.

131.  When we model for our kids that love is not just for family, but for all life forces... they can then release the love within themselves.  This will change the world!

132.  Teach your  kids that perfection is an illusion.  Model for them instead how to do their best, speak with truth, choose the loving way in every situation, and be themselves. Remember, you can't teach what you don't know... so take this journey first so you can spread light on the path for them.

133.  "MAKE IT WORK" (Tim Gunn)  MONDAY! Teach your kids that even when things get tough, confusing, or frustrating... don't give up.  It is okay if things take some ingenuity and brain time to figure it out.

134.  Model for your kids that every moment of their lives is an opportunity to be on purpose and live out the darhma they have chosen.  It starts with bringing happiness to whatever they do; smiling at someone, choosing a kind word, bringing their best to whatever they do in service to others.

135. When your children are coming from a place of lack... teach them to look up... and remind them that there is abundance all around them if they choose to see it.

136.  Model for you kids how to drive with compassion.  Emphasize how giving way, choosing to slow down, and not overreacting to the rage of others is more about them and less about the other person.

137.  Model for your kids how to see the good in every person they meet.  Emphasize that the what a person does isn't necessarily who they were created to be.  Show your kids the way by celebrating the divinity within every living soul.

138.  Model for your kids that time away from electronics connects them to people, nature, and satisfaction on a completely different level....emphasize balance in their lives and that people will always be more important than things.

139.  Teach your kids that being the center of attention does not equate love... show them how to get appropriate attention by showing them that they are loved in their silence.

140.  Be love, when you say good morning to you kids... be love when you send them off to school... be love as you welcome them home... and be love as you send them off to their dream states.  This will be the single most important choice you will make in raising your kids in a compassionate way so they will choose compassion as adults.

141.  How do your kids know how to value themselves if they are surrounded by your own self doubts and old patterns of behaviors?  Challenge yourself to take a close look at yourself and see if some of the concerns you have for your kids may be due to them mirroring your unhealed wounds.

142.  Show your kids how you choose to be thankful for even the challenges in your life...let them know that you may be frustrated while affirming them that all will be well and everything will work out.

143. Model for your kids how to be a compassionate and joyful giver.  Let them see you take a portion of your earnings and gift that to others.  Encourage them to take a portion of their allowance and save that in a jar to donate to a cause that is important to them. Joyful giving is a sign of abundance and opens the flow for more :)

144.  Teach your children how to win graciously.  Emphasize to them that they can only control showing up and doing their best and that your love will never be conditional on whether they win or lose.

145.  Model for your kids how to be compassionate to their own bodies by being mindful of what they put into their bodies.  Mindful eating and choosing the healthiest foods will give your kids the right start!

146.  What do you do when your child is being bullied?  The first step to handling this begins much earlier than you think. In the womb...it all starts with you just embracing their light and making no plans or conditions for their worthiness. Show them that their worthiness is not conditional on talent, subjective beauty, or intelligence.  Teach them to love & approve of themselves for being kind, compassionate, sharing, and service to others. If they are bullied..by that time...they will already know that is not who they are and it will never resonate within them.

147.  If your child needs to go to the doctor, but you don't have insurance... you find yourself in a desperated situation and you may not be able to fulfill your child's need.  You can't give away what you don't have.  On an emotionally level; your child needs: love, compassion, affection, and spiritual guidance but if  you don't have that already stored in your own soul...your child can't get it from you.  Even though your church family or friends or neighbors can start a fundraiser and donate money to help your child and in the same respect could be a mentor to your child.... if it doesn't come from YOU..it doesn't fill the hole left from not getting what they need from their parent.  When a child can get what they need from a parent it fills a hole that only you can really fill; but first, you have to fill the hole in your heart so you have enough for yourself and enough for your child and those around you.  Be compassionate, loving, kind, and affectionate with yourself and feed your spiritual soul so you have that to model for your child and you can give them a prescious gift that will last their lifetime.

148.  Model for your kids how to be fully present in a difficult situation.   It's a teachable moment for your kids to see you uncertain at times, sad, and perhaps frustrated; but in those times they also need to see you giving yourself compassion, being calmly assertive to handle the issue, and being hopeful that things will work out.

149.  Open your child's mind to the possibility that silence is a place of healing, connection to Source, and a chance to renew.  When you teach your kids to meditate, you are giving them the gift that will change their lives.

150.  Model for your kids how much you value their view point, their wisdom, and their contribution.  To do that, you will need to decrease your EGO and allow your child's unique perspective to be considered as valid.  Remember, every soul has wisdom to contribute to our journey.

151.  It is the season of desire...kids want more "stuff" and society cooperates with each commercial.  Teach your kids how to set a deeper desire, one that will last their lifetime and not just a few weeks.  Open them up to non material desires:  compassion, service to others, and seeking a deep spiritual awareness.  

152.  Model for your kids the true meaning of the Thanksgiving Season:  Go beyond the parades, the food, the football games... bring their awareness to sharing, being open hearted, thinking of others, and being non-judgemental with family and friends.

153.  Model for your kids that getting more stuff is not the goal.  The real goal is to be in a feeling of love, kindness, safety, and nourishment when you have achieved your desire.

154.  Teach your kids how to radiate peace by modeling for them how you are calm in chaos and don't allow the opinions or actions of others to take you off your path or change how you feel about yourself.

155.  On this first day of December...teach your kids that Thanksgiving and being in an attitude of gratitude is not a day...it is a life choice which is a daily practice.  Model for them how to set an intention to live a grateful life...every day!  

156.  Model for your kids that love is not stuff. Real love comes from inside of themselves and then they offer that love to others.

157.  Teach your kids about the various Christmas celebrations across the world.  Modeling diversity ensures that they will be open and non-judgemental as they grow up.  Help them realize that love is large.. not narrow.

158.  On this first day of Christmas break... model compassion for your kids by remembering the excitement and uncontrollable impatience you had while waiting for the big day.  ENJOY their enthusiasm and join them!  Be compassionate with yourself and take 16 seconds in the bathroom to breathe, decompress and connect back to your own balance through the chaos.

159.  Model for your kids how to always reinvent themselves by always challenging yourself to be better than you were yesterday, or perhaps better than you were in the last minute!

160.  A brand new Monday in a brand New Year!  Model for your kids how to love EVERY day... by not booing a Monday!  Make each day a celebration of a new start so that your kids will learn that all days are special and worthy of  gusto, enthusiasm. and inspired action!

161.  How much face time do you have for your kids?  How much face time that you have do you choose to spend with your kids?  When they are babies you surround them with attention and time..... did you know that as kids become more independent they still need your time, your involvement, and your wisdom.  Don't allow their friends, their computer, and their other gadgets to raise them without your input.

162.  Midge's Mumbling's: Parental Tips to Raise Compassionate Kids: To celebrate the life, the sacrifice, and the courage of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I encourage you to have conversations with you kids about racism, injustice, and the quality of life for all people. Expose them to random acts of kindness and show them how racism affects the quality of life for others. Remind them that we are all created from the same loving source and we are all one in the eyes of Creator. Live your own life compassionately and lead the way with love. ?#‎DrMartinLutherKingJr?.

 163.  Model for your kids that the time you spend with them is a gift and not a hassle.  Extend your love by quality time that leaves them remembering that time with joy.

164.  Teach your kids to lose well, because winning isn't about their soul.  Their soul determines if they are successful over time.

165. If you want compassionate kids... they need to see that in you.  They are watching and absorbing how you treat animals, people of wealth, people of poverty, and people of different racial origins, religions and sexual orientations.  Be the person you wish for your children to be when they grow up.

166. Take three deep breaths and then ask yourself..... what do you love to do more than anything else in the evenings when you get home from work?  If the answer is anything other than to do something with your kids..... you may not be modeling for your kids how much they mean to you.

167.  Model for your kids how to speak out against injustices in a positive way.

168.  We teach our children the Golden Rule...treat others the way you want to be treated.  A Course In Miracles teaches that in order to do that... we have to recognize that we are all equal to one another.  How is it that we think a child deserves less respect than we request of them?  We are all.... children, animals, and our brothers and sisters from other countries, faiths, and sexual orientations... we are all Spritual Equals.  Model for your children in how you treat them... the way you want them to treat you.  Then show them how you offer that same respect, love, and compassion to those you meet along the way.

169.  Some of us have heard about the old belief that children should be seen, but not heard.  Most of us did not grow up in that suppression.... but is this happening without us knowing?  Do you coexist in a home with your children or do you see them, listen to them, and choose to have face time in a quality and meaningful way?  Showing your children this type of daily compassion will enhance both their life and yours.

170.  Model for your kids the value of meditation. Open them up to the silence so they can hear the voice of Spirit guiding them throughout their day.

171. Remember that modeling compassionate living for your kids is not just telling them to follow the golden rule... it is YOU LIVING compassionately that is the real model. Kids will hear what you say; sometimes, but they always do what you do.

172.  If you want to raise compassionate kids, you must honor them and show them compassion when they make a mistake.  Mistakes are learning lessons that guide us all into greater knowledge.  Guide, teach, support, be love in action and your kids will have learned from you how to give that to others.

173.  Compassion comes in different forms while raising kids.  Consider showing up for your child's big presentation because you know they feel scared, showing up for their games to support them, especially when you know they don't feel confident, showing up to spend time with them because you know they miss you; instead of taking that day to always play golf with friends or shopping with your gal pals. Compassion cares for how others feel... showing that to your kids teaches them to do that for others.

174.  Teach your kids to think of others.  Model how to give to others instead of always expecting something for themselves.  Consider birthdays in your home to be about the person whose birthday it is.  When kids grow up always expecting something, they miss the compassion lesson and can't fully embrace compassion for others.

175.  Teach your kids that everything they see in others,  is who they are.  We are all more alike than we are different.  

176.  Teach your children to be courageous enough to know who they really are and to recognize themselves in others.

177. Model for your kids how to live by the FOUR C's!  The first thee, a gift from Dr. Wayne Dyer:  Catch It, Challenge It, Change It..... Catch the choices they are making, Challenge how their behaviors will affect them, and then Change the negative thoughts, feelings, and actions.  The FOURTH C is mine:  Do all this with COMPASSION!  When we recognize that our kids or ourselves have gone down a negative path... be compassionate of our children's  imperfections and of our own.  Mistakes help us grow and will help us move to a higher spiritual level.

178.  Teach your children the importance of connecting to energy and nature..... As they watch a hummingbird come to the feeder,remind them that it  represents AWAKENING, HEALING, AND ETERNITY!  So many things to learn from God's creations!

179.  If you want your children to learn compassion, you must first having healing and compassionate intentions for them.  If you expect the worst, you will get it... Keep a healing and loving expectation and intention for them even when they do something that you would not have chosen.  Hold them in your heart and shower them with the highest and best love.

180. Model for you kids how to unplug, rest, and be one with nature. Simplicity is a gift that will reconnect them to their real purpose.

181.  Spoiling your kids is not love. It keeps them weak and doesn't help them understand how to become independent and strong.  Appropriate affection and attention shows children that they matter in your life and that stuff is just stuff, but love is long lasting.

182. For your kids to really learn to love themselves, they have to know that you trust their instincts. Show your kids that mistakes are inevitable, but foster their creativity and originality as they problem solve.  Let them know that they can be trusted to guide their own paths.

183.  Show your kids how to reinvent themselves by staying connected to Source and not allowing negative choices and behaviors to continue.  Gently show them that they can always turn around, make a different choice, and come back to compassion for themselves and others.

184.  Model for your kids how to care for others with compassion and recognize when those needs may need to come before their own.  Taking the focus off ourselves and serving others compassionately is our highest calling.

185.  Model for your children that the rights of others equals their own.

186.  Show your kids how to stick it out when things get tough, and to always follow your dreams when they still feel inspired to do so... every set back really builds more resilience.

187.  Have you caught yourself saying or doing the exact same words and actions that you learned from your parents?  Just as you picked up on the positive and negative qualities of your parents, unconsciously, you may be modeling both positive and negative qualities to your children. Be aware of what you say and do in front of your kids..... they are soaking it all in.

188.  Show your kids how to disagree respectfully and with compassion for the other person.  Remind them that just because you disagree doesn't mean the other person is wrong.

189.  Model for your kids how to extend grace to others by living it... being kind, helping others, and offering support when others are in need.

!90.  Are your children ready for a fur baby?  Just because you want them to grow up with one, doesn't mean they are ready.  Show compassion for the new addition. Don't allow your two legged kids to disrespect or be rough with our four legged kid in any way. Be mindful of their interaction and supervise it.  This fur baby can't say, "stop it" with words so modeling appropriate behavior and supervising their interaction will result in years of loving companionship!

191. Teach your children to be sensitive to the needs of all life forms. Getting a puppy is great fun for the family; but children need to learn that puppies also need time to sleep... alot of time. It is a great way to show them that even puppies need nap time and it is a great way to help them improve their patience while they have to wait for the puppy to be ready to play again.

192. Model for your kids how to support one another instead of breaking each other down at home or in public. Challenge your belief that all siblings fight..... it really doesn't have to be that way.  Showing respect to your spouse and your children plants a path of compassion within the home that can be gifted to others as they grow.

193.  How do you behave behind your front door?  Whatever you model for your kids in your home is who they will imitate in public.  Your facade does not teach them authenticity, but how to live in hypocrisy.  

194. Show compassion toward your children and their differences.  Drop your expectations and allow them to emerge onto their own special path; whether it be music, sports, art, or engineering.  Support, celebrate, embrace, and show them support for their chosen path.

195.  Start each morning stating your gratitude for your children when you wake them up. Let them hear you validate them in your life.  Show them how to have a positive attitude for EVERY day!

196.  As life changes, endings occur, and life takes twists and turns... model for your kids how to feel the feelings of the loss and then; most importantly....embrace the change, see the new path, and be ready for the next adventure without blaming others or using anger to cover up their sadness.

197.  Being a compassionate model for your kids means that you have empathy and an understanding of your child's feelings. When you do that; you make decisions based on their needs and not just yours.  This doesn't mean you disappear; but if we are all living compassionately, we take care of ourselves and we focus on the needs of others equally.

198.  When children are going through a divorce, the most compassionate thing for both parents to do is to assure their children that the love they have for both parents is still okay and they will not have to choose whom to love.  It is imperative that both parents stay focused on the needs of their children and not use them as pawns.

199.  It is the little acts of kindness that will be an invaluable model for your kids as you intentionally teach them compassion. It is as simple as picking up an item off the floor in a store that has fallen, keeping your eating space as clean in restaurants as you would at home, or closing the lid on a neighbor's trash/ recycle bin in the rain. Simple, thoughtful, random acts of kindness is exactly how to model compassion for your kids.

200. Model for your kids how to be connected as a family. If you don't invest in the milestones of their lives how will they learn to invest in the milestones of the family?

201. When you speak in front of your kids about others, do they hear you speak uplifting statements, looking for the good in others, or do they hear you using statements full of negative put downs? Choosing to watch what words are allowed to leave your mouth is a compassionate choice in and of itself.

202.  Teach your children that endings are beginnings and to be gentle with those who are going through a loss, because even though bad times don't last forever, they are terrifically painful when someone is in the middle of their painful contrast.

203.  Teach your kids that it is not where you are, but who you are and who you choose to be with that makes a house a home. Being in a place of love, with or without stuff... is.... home.

204.  Model for your kids to be a light in the world!  How you interact with your life, models for your child how they will react to the world around them.  Are you compassionate, are you positive, are you intune with the light within you and do you honor the light within others?  If you are, this will assure that your child will have the skills they need to choose to walk in the light in their life.

205.  With Thanksgiving approaching, how have you shown your children that you are thankful that they were born?  Have you allowed your and their busy schedules to end the day in stress and frustration?   Do they see you smiling and affirming them every day or do they hear you comment about how they drive you crazy?  A child will only affirm themselves if you have affirmed them on a consistent basis.  Tap back into the gratitude you had for your child when you held them the first time and let them know that today!

206.  Model for your kids how to HOPE when others can't see a way, to BELIEVE when others doubt, to SMILE when others grumble, to STAND FIRM when others waver, and the greatest gift of all; to LOVE THEMSELVES when others hate.  When we show our children this way, PEACE will be in their hearts no matter what others do.

207.  Model for your kids how to be unplugged;  to connect back to nature, to people, to faces, and to common courtesies.  If they don't see it in you, they will not be it.

208. Compassionate kids need compassionate role models and they need to have the time in their lives to unplug, decompress, return to silence and step away from all the overstimulation from the world.  Be aware that when you model/teach your kids to meditate you are giving a life long gift that will rise their level of compassion and open their hearts in a way nothing else will.

209.  Model for your kids the simplicity of life.  Consider shutting off all screens (tv, telephones, computers, lap top, game systems) at least for a few hours every day.... yours included, and connect to each other face to face.  Kids will only learn how to relate to others through how you show them how to relate to you.

210.  Teach your children the art of AHIMSA; (in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain tradition) the principle of nonviolence toward all living things.  Basically, no hate for anything!  When a heart is free of hate and violence... amazing things occur; not only in our child's mind, but also in their soul, their actions, and their lives.

211.  Be the person you want your children to be.   You can't talk about compassion and being compassionate if your child watches you talk negatively about other people's religion, way of dress, who they love, and what job they have. Being compassionate is all about feeling deeply for others and their lives and knowing that even when we disagree, the light in your soul is the same light in the soul of others. 

212 Parents often say, "Well boys will be boys," or "Siblings will be siblings, you can't expect them to get along." I find this troubling and sad. Of course we can expect boys to learn self control and siblings to get along. If we set our expectations too low, our kids will only rise to that expectation. If we expect that they will learn to be loving, kind, compassionate, generous and respectful... they will rise to that expectation. Don't settle, not in your own personal walk and not in the path you envision for your kids.

213.  Be the change you want your children to be.  Compassion starts at home.

214.  Every time you talk, every time you drive your car and handle the stress of other drivers, every time you talk about your job, every time you manage your bills.... you get my drift..... your children are watching.  Are they watching you feed the good wolf or the evil one?   Check out this link.... teach this to your kids..... but most importantly; live it yourself so your kids can learn from your life's walk.   http://www.firstpeople.us/FP-Html-Legends/TwoWolves-Cherokee.html

215.  Model for your kids how to overcome difficult situations by being compassionate with themselves when things don't appear to be work out.  Empower them to realize they have not failed, it is part of their journey of exploration.  Show them how to love themselves through it if they need to turn around, change their path, or look for the open road that will will reveal itself.

216.  Teach your children, it is not how you win but how you lose that shows the content of your soul. 

217.  For children, how we allow them to treat animals teaches them a valuable lesson in compassion.  Let us not forget that equality means, we are ALL equal, which means every life form deserves respect.  Show compassion to all life forms and teach your children that all life is precious and deserves to be treated in the way we all want to be treated.

218.  Model for your kids how to resolve tension in their relationships with compassion and open communication.  If they watch their parents play emotional warfare and make condescending remarks... that will be their model for relationships in their future.

219.  Teach your children how to be compassionate toward their own uniqueness, their own style and in their own amazing way so that when they are on their path they won't give it up to be like anyone else.!

220.  Model for your kids how to let go of things they don't need, make changes that improve their lives, and be happy with the moment.

221.  Help your kids find their light so they can share it with others. Only when we connect to our dharma, our purpose for being here, can we share that with others who may then connect to their dharma. If we would all allow our dharma to flow compassionately out of us we would have the world we envision.

222. Model for your kids how to be compassionate to their bodies by connecting to their nutrition.  A healthy diet will enhance a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Fuel them with the right balance of good nutritious food and watch them expand in a positive way!

223.  To raise your kids compassionately you have to know compassion fro yourself and then to others.  First, challenge your own level of compassion so your kids will know who to follow.

224.  Fear... the number one emotion that gets in the way of compassion.  We simply cannot be compassionate if we allow ourselves to be ruled by fear.  We wind up teaching children that everyone or every situation is potentially dangerous and we teach them to think in catastrophizing ways.  Get in control of your own fears by seeking information so you can lead your kids through all the prejudicial and hate filled rhetoric that they will hear from others. YOUR voice must be one of love, compassion, and kindness if you want to raise a child's voice who will be loving compassionate, and kind.

225.  Children are not born with hate inside of them.  That is taught.  Are you teaching and modeling hate or are you teaching and modeling compassion and love?  Be mindful of how you talk about our President, your neighbors, people on television.  These messages are internalized by your children energetically as well as through your speech.  Let's grow LOVE...note hate.

226.  Raising compassionate kids is not about telling or teaching... it's about living diversity, compassion, and kindness so your kids can model that.  It is a way of life, not a lesson.

227.  Showing your children how to laugh and enjoy the moment they are in, helps to increase their compassion and their overall connection to people over things.

228. To raise compassionate kids we have to embrace their learning curves and our own. When we make mistakes and our kids witness us beating ourselves up by calling ourselves names or going into a funk because we can't figure something out; they learn to be self critical instead of looking for options.  Be kind to yourself and your kids during new experiences, botched attempts and even just bad choices and mistakes.  It is all a journey....we decide what to make of it.

229.  Build memories with your kids that they can look back on and smile about.  Being compassionate means that we cultivate deep caring for others and we can't do that as effectively unless we make healthy and loving connections to our birth family.

230.  Compassion is also respect for another person. If your child sees you feel deeply for someone or their property then your child will learn to do the same.  Be mindful of how you treat your neighbor, their property, and your neighborhood. How loud do you play your music, do you pick up after your pets on a walk around the block, are you helpful when a neighbor is in need?  All these attributes of compassion and respect are teachable moments for your kids.

231.  Pay attention to what is filling up your child's consciousness.... violent video games, negative texts, angry tee shirts, etc.  What they focus on determines whether they are numb to the pain of others or fully present and compassionate.


232.  How do you honor your things?  Do you practice compassion and gratitude toward what you have or are you part of the throw away society?  Teaching kids to be grateful for what they have is the first avenue for them to walk for when they are old enough to use the possessions of others.

233.  Teach your kids a more compassionate way to manage bully behavior.  Teaching a child that if they hit you first, hit them back is a dangerous message and can get your child in a lot of trouble and set them up for a life of violence.  Teach them to use their brains not their bronze and to radiate light and compassion to those who must truly be detached from Source if they are treating them with disrespect.  They don't have to be door mats; but learning to be assertive, to get help from adults, and to stay in compassion will serve them better throughout their lives than back yard brawls.

234. Model for your kids how to make amends.  When you use your words and actions against another person... let your kids see you take responsibility and make it right.  If you are using your words to degrade, bash, disrespect, or judge another person..... your kids will do that too. You can disagree...  You don't have to disrespect.   {{{{Hugging}}}} Orlando; and all those affected by another senseless/hate filled crime against our brothers and sisters.

235.  Raising perfect kids is not the goal.  Parents are charged with the joy of raising kids who feel deeply for what others are going through, who look for ways to serve with love, and are able to celebrate their Divinity without judging others.  Kids won't be perfect in this journey; and neither are we.  Loving each other through it is the true definition of compassion.

236.  A key element to our child's journey to compassion toward themselves; begins with how they  feel good about their bodies.  Make sure they are eating foods that will help them stay strong and healthy.  If their bodies feel weak, over burdened by weight, or tired, they will not be able to move their bodies.  They will be left out of games with other kids.  This can lead to self abuse and depression.  Clean eating and daily exercise will enhance their health and how they feel about themselves overall.

237.  All kids have their own path.  When you realize that your child has a special path to live; whether it is a physical, emotional, or developmental journey to walk; show them compassion in the world.  Be the unconditional love they need and meet them on their path and walk with them.... always expecting them to be all they are created to be.... even if their path looks very different from all the others.

238.  Open up your heart to the differences of others and watch how your children follow you by living with compassion, with diversity, and kindness.

239.  Model for your kids how to be compassionate;even for the ones who do horrible things.  Teach them that they are detached from love and kindness and need our compassion.  Teach your kids that we are all created from love and when someone has lost their way; that is also a tragedy.

240.  Model for your kids how to be more open when others are speaking.  Taking in their thoughts or behaviors and considering whether what is being said or done could benefit them in some way.  We don't have to believe what others believe or do what they are doing, but in every interaction we all can take something away that can bring clarity to our path, enhance it in some way, or redirect us from something we need to release.

241. Teach your kids that they can respectfully disagree with others when the thoughts and actions of others are not compassionate. Show them that it doesn't matter how many people believe in bigotry and disrespecting others, they can still make choices for themselves that align with their highest and best self.

242.  We talk religion, we walk spirituality.  Model for your kids how to walk compassionately and they will be aligned with their spiritual path.

243.  What songs do you listen to? What shows do you watch?  What video games do you play?  How do you speak about others?  Do you follow people who threaten others, speak with disrespect, or put down those who may not have been born with your advantages?  Your kids are watching and if your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions are not compassionate; then your kids will be the same.

244.  When you allow your children to play violent games, watch violent/ disrespectful shows, and enjoy the act of killing; you are allowing that negative energy to take up residence in their consciousness.  Living compassionately means we surround ourselves, interact with, and walk in compassion in everything we think, say, feel, and do.  This then, becomes their conscious reality.

245.  How many of you have ever said to your child, "Don't start it, but if someone hits you, hit them back."  Although we never advocate for a child to endure bullying... how you guide your child is either a source of compassion or feeding the problem.  Encourage your child to use brains over brawns. Enocurage them to tell you if they are being bullied or threatened and show them how to compassionately manage that bully behavior.  Giving them support, not setting them up to be suspended for their actions, and staying on the high road will empower them to mange conflict effectively throughout their  lifetime.

246.  I watched a show the other night where a child was raised with people who followed the white suprematist doctrine.  As I have seen many times in my practice, the words of the parents come spilling out of the child as if it is their own belief.... because the more you think it, the more it becomes a core belief.  Our children, from birth to five are VERY susceptible to the seeds planted around them; whether in word or actions.  Be mindful of what you are pouring into their minds and heart.  Living in hate will eventually kill their spirit and possibly even them.

247.  Being happy about the struggles of others you dislike says more about your heart than their behavior.  Show your children how to extend compassion, even to those you have disagreements with.  They will learn that their heart and what they express from there will and can be always love and compassion.

248.  Fill your activities with compassionate family outreach.  When your children see you donating items, engaging in service projects, giving your time to serve others, they learn that it is not just about them but about all of us.  We are ONE..... not us and them.

249. Teaching your kids compassion starts with the womb... how you feel, what you experience, the thoughts you think about the life within you.  Be vigilant in keeping your body, mind, soul, and actions loving throughout your life giving experience.  Then, as soon as that miracle is born, the same thing applies... looking on them with loving eyes, caring for their needs, and as they grow, having face to face relationships with your child in a compassionate way will build the love within them so they can offer it to the world.  When they see the love and appreciation in your eyes reflected back to them and they watch you compassionately walk through your day; they reflect that back to the world from their compassionate heart.

250.  If you are an adult and you call people names; even by not saying it but putting a derogatory meme up against another person's viewpoint; you cannot raise a child to be compassionate.  It hurts my heart to see how many of our kids role models are lowering themselves to grade school name calling when they feel challenged.  If you have to resort to that; you either know in your soul your opinion is wrong or you were never modeled compassion as a child.  Please reach for your higher self and be the person your children can follow.  

251.  Remind your children that compassion toward others includes allowing them to finish a sentence, to really listen to them when they are talking, to avoid put downs and negative connotations, and to look for the light within their soul; however long you have to look for it, because you know that we were all created with that compassion within us.

252.  Compassion is all about being so pure in our heart that we can feel the suffering of others without taking what they do personally; recognizing that they are acting out of a detached spirit.  Model for your kids how to send silent blessings to those who are suffering instead of being confrontational or taking on their negativity.

253.  Compassion is a soul thing. You and your kids can go through the actions but to live a truly authentic and compassionate life, the actions are generated from the soul and the desire to be compassionate springs up from there.  It is a lifestyle, not a checklist.

254.  To be compassionate; inner peace is a prerequisite.  Model for your kids how to access inner peace through meditation, yoga, prayer, connection to nature, or whatever stimulates a peace response in you. Choose to live a peaceful path yourself.  Giving way to angry responses, showing your kids another point of view, and walking in love instead of hate will model a life of peace that is the road to compassion.

255.  The Buddhist way is to have Right Thoughts, Rights Speech, and Right Actions.  When we model compassionate living  for our kids, it is very important to remember those attributes. That would mean that we become a person who thinks loving and uplifting thoughts in order to prepare ourselves to speak about something or someone. Teach your kids to consider this before speaking:  Is it TRUE, is is it KIND, is it NECESSARY?!  If we choose to act out a negative thought, speak those thoughts out into the world without putting it through those guidelines... our actions will then take us down a dark path.  Be compassion... think it, speak it, live it.

256.  It is difficult to feel compassion for others when you are in pain.  The only way to move out of the pain is to claim the promise!  By turning your pain into the promise of love, rightness, compassion, and the greater good... we rise again in our joy of knowing that we can overcome.  Teach your children that compassion is our strength.  That we still rise against prejudice and injustices... but we do so in compassion and by leading with love.  That is our strength.

257.  We are on Earth to walk and live and breath in loving kindness and compassion.  If our children are to follow their path in this way; we have to model that from the beginning.  Choose this way in your facebook posts, in your conversations, in what you watch on television, and how you talk behind someone's back, and how to you model diversity for your kids.  Be peace consciousness so your children can be that too.

258.  Parents often get their kids a dog to teach them responsibility.... they also often make it a Christmas present.  What a dog should really represent is a chance for your child to begin to understand the value of all living things; but this lesson should have started when they were toddlers.  If you don't value animals and don't recognize them as family... please don't get any animal.  Christmas is also not the time, even if you are compassionate.... because it is too busy of a time and your new family member needs to have all of your attention.  Happy Compassionate Holidays!

259.  When we raise our children to embrace truth, kindness, and compassion... their lives will be enriched and the Universe moves forward in a positive way.   It doesn't take violence to solve a problem... it takes heart.

260.  Mindfulness is the first step in living with compassion.  Our children are multitasking like crazy which is impressive, but missing so many subtle opportunities to be kind toward others who are in need.  Teach your kids how to pay attention to each moment and be fully present.  Make sure you practice this yourself first because they are, after all, learning from you :) 

261.  Tis the season to live our compassion.  Show your children how to think of others... give the gift of helpfulness and kindness.  Model how the gifts we give start with a genuine heart that loves deeply.  Show them how the amount of money you spend does not equal love and has nothing to do with compassion.

262.  Living compassionately is a journey, not a destination.  Recognize that we all fall back into patterns of selfishness and struggle.  It is how we recognize it and choose to deal with those moments.  Model for your kids how to give yourself compassion in moments of ego and how to recover in healthy ways.

263.  The ending of a year is the beginning of new challenges, surprises, and a chance to love more.  Encourage your child's compassion throughout the year, not just for the season.  Open their eyes to how they can serve in quiet ways every day; raking a neighbor's yard, helping carry out someone's trash or cleaning up our creeks, etc.  This is the year of showing up, being love in action and serving; one inspired thought at a time.

264.  To help your kids really learn compassion; they first need to understand suffering.  Once you teach them that we will all suffer, that we bring suffering to us by our choices, we can transform our suffering and there are better choices to make that will transform their suffering.... Their lives will be free to live compassionately for themselves and others.

265.  Living compassionately is an earth event.  Model for your kids how to support other countries as well as our own because compassion, right living, and decency are not a US right, they are a birth right of all people.

266. Compassion isn't about agreeing, but it is about feeling a depth of love for someone else that you care about how they feel.  Teach your kids to look past a disagreement and know the pain that someone else has.

267.  Teach your children that no one is superior to another.  Remind them that we can look different, worship differently, and have different opinions and that does not separate us.  Model for them how to appreciate the differences in each other with compassion, understanding, and kindness.

268.  Compassion starts with how you interact with your own kids.  They learn from you whether mistakes are forgiven, whether their best effort is their own standard and not yours, whether their ideas are listened to and embraced, whether their way of doing something is met with openness instead of ridicule.  Start early, sustain through the trials, and live compassion within your family so they will then live compassion to others.

269.  How you talk to your children is how they will talk to others.  Compassion begins with you.

270.  Every moment of every day our children are watching.  They see how we treat strangers, they see how we treat animals, they see how we manage our stress, they see how we cope with disappointment and grief.  Be the person you want your children to become.

271.  What do you say to your kids about respecting women, honoring personal choice, seeing the Divine in all races, gender, orientation, and religion?  You are the leader of Diversity in your family.  To raise compassionate kids... you have to model that in your thoughts, words, heart, and actions.   So you model... so shall they be.... you are responsible in part for the outcome.  

272.  Compassion takes many different forms.  It is about what we say and how we treat people, it is also showing our kids that we are willing to help others in need by donating to causes that benefit those that need a helping hand. When your children watch you extend your financial support to others, they will learn that when we can... we share too.  That we are all in this together.

273.  Compassion is never racism, or prejudice, or judgement, or hate, or exclusion.  When we practice compassion... we want the soul of every person to be loved.

274.  When adversity strikes someone in your community or even across the globe; this is a teachable moment.  What you do, what you say, and how you respond can be compassion in action. This is how your children will learn to respond when they are older.  Even now, we see young kids stepping up in ways that adults are not always doing.  Guide your children in the walk of compassion.  Be Compassion in Action. 

275.  If you allow stress to come out as anger toward those you love, you are teaching your kids that emotions can change who you are.  That will stay with your child throughout their lifetime as well.

276.  Raising compassionate kids does not happen with a video game, with a television, or with suped up car.  Compassion comes deep from the heart and is a soul thing.  When a child watches a parent tenderly cradle them and look on them with loving eyes... the spark is lit.  Throughout their lives; every word, every experience, every moment they watch their parents model decency toward a stranger, offer food to the hungry, or arrange shelter for a stray animal... they are being raised in compassion.  That is how it happens.

277. To live compassionately we have to model for our kids how to walk compassionately in all areas of our lives.  Non-violence in thoughts and actions, Truthfulness,  Appropriate boundaries, Gratefulness.  When we choose to live the way of compassion our children will follow.  Model meditation for your kids and help them embrace the kindness that grows from within them. 

278.  Compassion means deep feeling and if we only think of ourselves without considering others; we have missed the mark. Take time today to bring the needs of others into your awareness and the awareness of your children.

279. Compassion extends itself to knowing how to respect others and to know how to honor them.  Teach your children to be mindful of others and to respect their personal space and their needs.

280.  Children will learn to be compassionate when they are allowed to follow through with their ideas that include helping others.  Instead of shutting it down, allow them to offer food to someone or help you in your daily chores.  Take the time to show them their help is valuable.  They will then be able to take that into their adulthood. 

281.  Do you speak love or do you speak hate?  You are the example for how your children will speak.

282.  Self care is essential to our wellness.  Compassion starts with showing ourselves tht we are worthy of time to decompress and reset.  Model for your kids how to show self compassion so they can refill their vessels.  Then they can extend that compassion out into the world.

283.  Compassion has to extend to our planet.  When we choose to think about our Earth's longevity and health... we are also extending compassion to our future generations.  Be kind to the Earth... treat it well... our lives and the lives of those who follow really do depend on it.  Model for your kids how to make compassionate Earth choices in their daily lives.

284.  How do you look at your children?  It isn't just what you say to do them... it is what they see in your eyes.  Look with compassion and let that radiate out to your kids.

285.  When you disrespect another culture, another religion, an animal, another person, or the environment, your children may learn to follow your example of separatism.  The truth is, we are ALL connected and to disrespect and devalue anyone or anything is disrespecting ourselves and the creator of all that is.  Give your kids a compassionate model so they may follow an example of inclusion and connectedness.  

286.  Care-taking is a gift of compassion.  Witnessing how much love goes into selfless service is a joy to watch.  Be love, give of yourself, and watch the love return to you.

287.  Compassion embraces the hearts of all people and all life forms.  What are you teaching your children about race, animal care, sexuality, and the various religions?  Compassion = love... without it.... hate grows.

288.  Greed and fear get in the way of compassion.  When we feel we have to hold onto what we have and we fear losing our possessions; we create a lack of compassion.  Allowing our kids to move through their lives sharing, giving to others, and not putting your fear of lack onto them; will help model for your kids how to live compassionately.

289.  To help you kids feel more compassionate; they must first understand that how grateful they are for who they are, all that they have, and everything around them.  Starting with gratitude leads to compassion and when they are in that state... they are unstoppable.

290.  Every life matters.  How you treat your family pets models for your child how to treat all life forms. In a perfect world, a "family pet" is a part of the family.  To teach compassion, make sure your fur baby is treated with the same respect, care, love, and affection you would give to any member of your family that you love.

291.  Support your child in living their destiny. Show compassion when they become inspired and remember that your vision of them is your ego... their vision for their life is their destiny. Compassion is cultivated by living our lives... loving ourselves and who we are.

292.  When we recognize that our children have their own paths to live and we are only the supporting cast to them... our compassion for their journey increases.  To offer deep belief in their experience and to assist them in their journey is a huge gift.  Embrace their interests; not yours, and embrace their joyful exploration.  Compassion is being there for your child and allowing their dreams to bloom.

293.  Teach your kids that being compassionate toward others does not mean they have to endure negative situations to make someone else happy.  Emphasize that choosing to be kind also includes knowing their own limits and refueling their own tank so they can continue to extend service toward others when they are aligned with that.

294.  Do you allow your children to tease animals, trash nature, or torture any life forms?  Teaching compassion starts with the littlest creatures and showing the value of their existence and the value of our planet.  When children are raised in the consciousness of compassion they become adults who can have an impact.

295.  To help your children learn to live compassionately; teach them to set intentions for themselves that are based in love and compassion.  However we choose to serve others, if our first intention is that we live and move and breathe in love and compassion; we will be able to achieve other goals along our way.

296. Every time I am in the mountains and I see the expanse of this beautiful land; I am reminded that our compassion toward our planet is so important.  Be mindful as you teach your children about how to love our planet.  

297.  Learning to embrace new people with compassion and look for the good in them is a perfect way to help your kids manage new experiences; like new teachers,new school years, and new challenges.

298.  Do your kids know how to give way?  In England; the yield signs say; give way.  I love that.  Have you modeled for your kids how giving way to others is a loving and compassionate service to them?  Letting someone merge into traffic, offering to let someone in the grocery line pass you,  being mindful of pedestrian crossings, and even giving way in an argument that will never have a resolution because both sides are unable to budge off their opinion. Giving way is an act of compassion.. teach it to your kids.... what a gift that will be for them.

299.  Compassion is a life event.  It is for ourselves, for others, for all life forms.  To be truly compassionate..... your kids will see you be kind to yourself, your neighbors, all lives across the globe, and every insect, animal, and  our planet. Be the change.  Your kids will benefit throughout their lifetime when they have a compassionate parent to model.

300.  When you see someone in need; do you teach your children to bring compassion to it?  Planting the seed of basic kindness and deep caring for others is the reason we can continue on our path of discovery in this school we call earth.

301.  It is NOT a boy thing to abuse animals. Teach your children when they are young to appreciate and show compassion to all life forms.

302.  Compassion starts with the values we are taught by our parents.  We then internalize those lessons and begin to think in the same way we were taught; unless we have other external influences. Thinking compassionate thoughts leads us to put those thoughts into action. What are you teaching your children to think about and what actions will you see coming from them as they grow older?

303.  What shows are your children allowed to watch? What we focus on is what we bring into our reality. To have a compassionate heart, everything your kids watch and play in their video games affects whether they can feel compassion toward others.

304.  Teach your kids that we are all connected.  Help them to understand that what happens to our next door neighbors or our neighbors across the pond or anywhere in the world; also makes an impact on us.  Compassion is understanding that and being concerned about all people; not just ourselves.

305.  Living compassionately can be painful.  When your heart is open and you feel the pain of those life forces around you; it can be very overwhelming.  Teach your kids how to balance their feelings of compassion with what they can really control.  They cannot fix the pain around them, they can learn to respond compassionately.

306.  When we can't be compassionate toward ourselves, we can't offer that to others.  Loving yourself teaches your kids that mistakes you make does not not diminish your value, and their mistakes does not diminish their value.  

307.  Have you looked into your child's eyes today?  Have you chosen time with them over work, television, or your own adult indulgences? If you haven't... you've missed a moment in their life that you will never get back... and you have not shown them that they are worthy of your time. Compassion comes from having someone early on demonstrate how to be there for you.

308. Remember the quote from the Bible: "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself?"  I learned yesterday that in order to do that...You really do need to see the value in yourself and love yourself first! Compassion toward self, seeing your value, and knowing that you are here for a reason is how your path starts.... then, you recognize that loving your neighbor is not about liking their choices and expecting them to be more like you... it is about loving them because we all have value and at our core... we all deserve love and respect. This is what your kids to know and have modeled for them.

309. When do you start teaching compassion to your children?  From the moment you realize you have a life within you.  How you eat, what you drink, what air you breath, the thoughts you think, the feelings that surround you and the company you keep.  It ALL affects the life within you.  From that moment, you are showing compassion to that life and you are preparing it to accept nothing but what they deserve.

310.  Compassion is actively participating in understanding the feelings of others and their circumstances and then choosing to be a part of the solution.  Action is Compassion.

311.  When our kids watch the adults in their lives belittle others, judge others, minimize the value of human life or an animals life..... those adults are teaching the next generation to hate.  Be mindful of the lessons your are teaching your kids.  #leadwithlove..... a hate filled heart can never fully reach their potential

312.  To help your children connect to compassion this season... make sure you teach them to give more than receive.  Donate good but unused toys, sponsor a child who needs a Christmas, help them come up with gifts of service which can mean so much more than the presents they will get bored with soon.

313.  Compassion can lead our lives in many ways.  Every thought we think, words we say, actions we perform, and political stances we take.  Show your children that you will always stand up for compassion in the world by who you choose to support.