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Inspired Living, A Lesson for Us All!

by Midge Noble




I am a BACKER!  That’s right… I supported the inspiring efforts of Joel McClosky and Andrew Deming as they took an idea, followed their inspiration and enthusiasm, and never wavered in their unimaginable dream of funding a brewery, “first time ever in Randolph County.”  Even though my favorite passage in the Bible is, “Jesus turned the water into wine,” and I was thrilled when Lumina opened their doors, I couldn’t help myself when I saw that these guys were living their dream and not taking doubts for their answer!  I had to offer my support.

So, I will be one of the first to take a pour from these guys when Four Saints Brewery opens it door, not only because I am a BACKER, but because, I believe in Second Chances, and I believe in positive and affirming living.  They followed their love of beer and then used their imagination and positive beliefs that they would pull this off.

What a lesson to us all. ANYTHING is possible.  Yes, ANYTHING.  Which brings me to the Fifth Saint I’d like us to consider.  St. Francis of Assisi.  The patron Saint of animals.  "Not to hurt the creatures brethren is our first duty to them,

but to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission -

to be of service to them wherever they require it."

Saint Francis

Randolph County just funded, FULLY FUNDED, even over and above what the goal was to establish a first time ever brewery in our county.  We, as a community can do ANYTHING that we put our minds, beliefs, time, effort, and money into.  We absolutely can.  So why do we still have over 7, 000 animals go through our animal shelter?  Why don’t we have enough foster homes for animals waiting for a forever home?  Why don’t we feel inspired to spay/neuter our animals so that generations of animals will be spared neglect, starvation, illness, and death?

I don’t have the answer for why…but I do know we can!  We can band together and do the right thing.  We can lower the numbers of animals that go to our shelter.  The shelter can be there to protect our county from disease and aggressive animals, but we can realize a no kill shelter in this community if we first follow a higher mission to be of service to the animals that need us now.  

Three Cheers to Four Saints Brewery, Joel, and Andrew for showing us once again-we can do ANYTHING.  Now, it’s our turn. What can you do to make a difference?

-DONATE to spay/neuter efforts at the shelter and through the Humane Society

-Be a foster parent

-Adopt an animal that needs you at the shelter

and then lets meet together and share a cold one!

A Happy and Healthy Child with Great Inner Love Starts in the Womb!

by Midge Noble 2012

When you decide to plan your pregnancy, and in the best scenario, it would be planned….you become the most important person in your baby’s life.  At the moment of conception, your body, your mind, your energy, and your spirit all work together to provide the best possible start to the child that you will love and encourage throughout their childhood.

As a clinician for children and families, I have seen a huge increase in kids with rage filled explosions, lack of empathy, and an inability to focus. Parents are overwhelmed and don’t know how to make things better.  What they don’t want to hear, is that everything they exposed their baby to; even in the womb, makes a difference in how that child develops, handles difficult situations, and feels about themselves.

When an embryo begins to form, everything the mom thinks, feels, eats, drinks, as well as, the environment she is exposed to affects the development of that embryo.  There are very specific times in an embryos development that only happens in a day or in a few minutes.  If the mom is ingesting alcohol, drugs, and/ or cigarettes, her embryo may develop behavior problems, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, mood disorders, and a host of physical problems. 

It isn’t just what she eats and drinks though.  If a mom is dealing with depression, under a lot of stress, or living in domestic violence, that also affects the embryo. Children can be born, not only addicted to drugs and go through withdrawal, but they can also be born with a lack of connection to their birth mom and that affects their ability to connect and to love in appropriate ways.  Children develop attachment disorders when they can’t attach to the birth mom. This can occur when the baby is adopted without knowing the birth mom.  Children can also be affected if the energy and thoughts from the mom about her pregnancy are disengaged, angry, or depressed.

The first person a child attaches to is the mom, and this begins at conception. Once a child is born, what happens after that sets into motion a child with confidence, inner love, happiness, and success or a child with a whole host of emotional, physical, and behavioral problems that take a lifetime to manage.

To raise a child that will achieve her purpose in life and be all that she was created to be, the parent has to mirror love and respect toward them. In the beginning, a child looks to the parent for loving eyes, respect, and direction.  If a child is ignored, shamed, or disrespected; the child will mirror that. They will learn to hate themselves and then they will hate others.  A child can only give to themselves and others what they have inside.  If they see their parents fighting and disrespecting each other, if they see their parents screaming at them, putting them down, and disrespecting their presence, the child cannot be anything other than that.

There are things you can do to ensure your child’s success.

  1. Be a healthy and emotionally connected person.
  2. Model for your kids how to love and approve of yourself, by loving yourself.
  3. Engage you kids in a healthy lifestyle; not just for them, but for you and the entire family
  4. Be a part of your child’s life.  Show up for the activities they are involved in and ENJOY spending time watching your child.
  5. Allow your kids to take risks and try new things, this builds self confidence.
  6. Support your child in beginning the person they are created to be, not a mini you.
  7. Praise your child often; for trying, for being a decent person, and for the things they do well
  8. Allow your kids to become independent and encourage them to do things by themselves
  9. Respect your child’s right to choose their passion and their style
  10. Tell them often that you love them and then show them by hugging them and being there both physically and emotionally for them


“Learning By Doing”  Summer Fun With You and Your Child

4-H Could be the Answer!


by Midge Noble

June 2012



WOO HOOOO!  SUMMER TIME!  Children squeal, teachers smile, and school administrators sigh with relief as they close the books on another school year.  So many plans and so little time to make a summer time experience memorable for  your children. They bound off the bus, throwing down their book bags, not to be thought of again until next fall.  I can remember that as summer loomed I was filled with both anticipation and anxiety.  While in school, I knew what to expect.  There was a routine to follow which felt comfortable.  I felt liked by my teachers and I had a small network of school friends that I enjoyed laughing with at the lunch table.  I did not always feel those same feelings at home.

My dad was a hard working teacher and single provider.  My parents decided early on to have momma stay home so my brother and sister and I would always have a parent to watch over us.  I did like knowing that momma would always be there, but having less money in the budget was not always a blessing. It also kept my dad working very long hours which affected how often we spent time with him.

My mom loved us, but admittedly she was not the nurturing type. She resented the intrusions into her soap operas when summer arrived. She did not meet the school bus with smiles and hugs any day of the school year; and certainly not the last day of school. We would always find momma in the living room, watching her soap opera.  It was understood that up-dates and exciting news about the school day must wait for the commercial so momma didn’t miss any news from Pine Valley!  Momma had definite feelings about intrusions into her day and it was expected that we amuse ourselves, stay outside as much as possible, and not beg to go to the pool, or we wouldn’t go!  It was always a tight rope walk to get her attention without getting punished for being too annoying.

Many kids I work with now have even more anxiety about the long summer vacation.  Home is not an oasis for fun, warmth, and love during the summer.  They fear being home with an angry parent and walking their own tight rope that may lead to abuse, serious neglect, or emotional wars.

It is difficult to manage your summer schedule in a way that will give everyone a fun filled summer without breaking the bank. You have to choose between family vacations, stay-cations, or sending the kids to summer camps by themselves. 

Every summer I remember one special week in the mountains near Blowing Rock.  My church camp was located there amidst beautiful rolling hills, secret paths to explore, and a huge, slick, moss covered rock that became our slide when we had nothing else to do.  We would go on field trips to Tweetsie and Wizard of Oz each year.  We had classes in the morning and evening devotions by the fire. I made connections that I still have to this day.  There was always a great tree to climb, blackberries to pick, and a swing on the porch to daydream in.   I loved that week of respite and looked forward to it every year.

It doesn’t have to be about spending lots of money or going somewhere amazing, summer time is about families!  Consider taping into local fun!   4-H has many classes and activities that you and your child can be involved with over the summer.  Your child will get hands on experiences that will build their self esteem and wake up skills within them they don’t know they have. Connections can be made which will enhance their lives for years to come.

Keep it simple!  It can be a trip to the park, a surprise camp out in the yard, home made ice cream, or a home obstacle course with learning games mixed in.  Choose things your kids love and then love watching them smile.

The most important ingredient in any plans you make for your child this summer is, YOU!  When a child sees your smiling face as they get off the bus, when they see your eyes glued to them as they tell you their exciting news, and when you get excited about spending time playing, hiking, or just enjoying their company….. you will make any summer a memorable one for them.  BE JOY when you spend time with your child and build memories that you will both enjoy remembering.  



  1. If you have these feelings attached to your New Year's Resolutions you will be successful!  Enthusiasm, Inspiration, Joy, Excitement!  


1.  Keep it simple.  You don't have to do everything and be the best at everything.... really!
2.  Make a list of things you really want to attend and then let go of everything else....really!
3.  Decide on quick recipes that let you be a part of the party.
4.  Choose a friend who loves to cook to be your caterer and then enjoy your evening.
5.  Remember, it is NOT the amount you spend, but the fact that you remembered someone.  
6.  Focus on the giving part, and put YOURSELF at the top of the list.
7.  Make an appointment with yourself to take a warm bath, with candles, and soft music....really!                 Grandparents are always wanting more time with the grand kids!  RIGHT?
8.  Be okay with saying, "No, Thank you," when too many invites start pouring in.  Go back to item number 2 above and release any guilt for your decision.
9.  Remember, this is YOUR Holiday too and you deserve to feel happy and peaceful.  After all, it isn't an event that is going to end world hunger.... although if we were to rearrange our intentions, it could be!
10. LOVE & APPROVE of yourself!  No one can judge you without you allowing that judgement to mean something to you.... really!

10 Ways to save Christmas for your children if you've been divorced.


1.   Focus on their feelings.
2.   Avoid using the children as pawns to get back at your ex.
3.   Be wiling to adjust the "custody" agreement for your children's sake.
4.   Allow your children to be in contact with their other parent.
5.   Share a Christmas list with their other parent to avoid duplicate gifts.
6.   Allow your children to take gifts back and forth from home to home.
7.   Don't over spend to be in competition with your ex.
8.   Be excited about the activities that they are doing with their other parent.
9.   Ask your children what would make their Christmas special.
10. Disable the guilt button so your children will feel free to be happy even if they are not with you.