Midge Noble / Second Chances
Author of SHEBA, Home Is Where Your Heart Is and ICE CUBE AWARD, Learning To Be Cool Under Pressure      


 ICE CUBE AWARD is an action-packed story about Dani, a young girl who lives in Ice Town.  Dani has a serious and destructive anger problem. When Dani feels angry, she generates so much heat that things start to melt, like the floors in the grocery store, the church pew, her sister's crib, and the final straw-the statue of the mayor! Dani has to learn how to control her anger, or her family will be forced to move out of town. Dani enters a competition against the school bully to save her family and herself.  Ice Cube Award is an uplifting and empowering story that teaches kids that no problem is too big to overcome, and anything is possible, if you believe in yourself and stay positive.





Midge Noble is a Licensed Professional Counselor in NC.  She has worked as a school counselor, a counselor for terminally ill children and their families, and as a mental health counselor.  Currently, she works in private practice as a child and family therapist.  Midge lives with her family which includes their four-legged kids.  Her favorite activites include hiking, camping, adovcating for and protecting animals. 


Candy Noble Wallace, Midge's amazing cousin and illustrator lives in Virginia with her family.  This is her second illustrated children's book. Candy is an animal advocate and loves hiking with her dogs.



A portion of all sales goes toward spay/neuter efforts in order to reduce the numbers of strays and to one day realize a no kill shelter for animals in Midge's community.